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Earth Changes, Get Ready, The Indian Prophecies
How to build an Underground Shelter

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   At last you can read a full account of Native American Prophecies, and benefit from one    man's remarkable lifelong journeying, into how to survive the coming Earth Changes.
   In his book, Prophecies, Earth Changes and Survival Guide, Marc Eagle Eyes
   also discusses Biblical Prophecies, and will show you how to build an earthquake-proof    underground shelter.  Marc has built 33 shelters and has also stayed underground for
   three months with his family giving it a test run.

   Marc writes:  I have been designing and building shelters for over forty years.  I have    always found problems with the information available; the major problem is most of
   these shelters are expedient shelters, designed to be lived in only a short time.  You
   also have to have power to keep the fans going 24 hours to filter your air.  I believe
   that after a major conflict or upheaval you would need to hide away from others for a
   very long time.  You need enough food and water to last at least a couple of years,
   and enough  food for the first year after you come out.

   I have designed a shelter that people can live in for as long as they need to.  My air
   pipe system makes it unnecessary to keep changing the air over.  You don't require
   any motor driven fans to change the air.  Heat generated from people's bodies inside
   rises up and flows out the top air pipes, drawing fresh air into the bottom air pipes. 
   You have  complete control over the air flow and can temporarily shut it off in the
   event of a forest fire.

   My air traps can trap radiation particles, nerve gases or biological weapons without
   using any power. Obviously it is better to have a remote area to flee to. The expedient    shelter near a blast site would be a death trap.  My air trap system will work well
   within about 30 miles of a blast site, any closer and you would need blast doors on
   the end of your air pipes.

   My cheap heat shield would keep you from burning up even near ground zero, giving    protection up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the ideas you see and read in my
   book you will not read elsewhere.  This comes from a lifetime of building and
   preparing shelters for many more people than I care to mention.  Good journey!

                                                                                              MARC EAGLE EYES